Email for Engagement: 4 Tips to Build Your Campaign

Some experts believe email marketing is at death’s door. However, many service-based businesses thrive on intelligent email campaigns. The tourism industry uses email marketing to alert customers about time-sensitive deals on airfare and hotels; insurance agencies use email to remind clients of renewals.
If your success depends on client engagement, you must be able to spread the word effectively. Use these tips to maximize the power of your emails:

1. Establish Your Keystone
Your success in email marketing hinges on satisfied customers forwarding their positive experiences to family and friends. The material and connection you create with your customers should inspire them to share.

The Butcher and the Boar has created a distinctive voice that appeals to its audience. The company comes up with inventive, humorous taglines that will draw recipients into opening its emails. It also creates 16-words-or-less taglines that make its service stand out.

Your content is the keystone that distinguishes your brand. Once created, your content can be expanded upon for blog content to drive your SEO or condensed into social media posts. A great email can cover all bases, and you can repurpose the content to multiply the effectiveness of your message while saving yourself time and effort.

2. Know Your Audience
Truly memorable content must be delivered to its intended audience at the perfect time. Sporadically sending a flat message to your entire database means you’re missing the boat.

Create clear personas for your audience based on demographic and qualitative information. Mine your email list, dividing your audience into practical segments. The more targeted your message, the more likely it is to be opened.

Compete, an analytics service, does a great job of this. By emailing free account holders detailed reports of competitors’ analytics and giving them the option of being able to see more information with a paid account, the company effectively targets its already-satisfied audience.

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