6 Free Ways to Direct YouTube Traffic to a Crowdfunding Campaign

Powerful video footage is commonly used in crowdfunding projects as a creative tool that elevates brand awareness and highlights a company’s mission or values. Visual storytelling is a great way to clearly and concisely illustrate your campaign’s purpose to an audience while simultaneously personalizing your brand. Multimedia campaigns with compelling video are more likely to attract customers or investors. However, producing, editing and simply posting the video on YouTube is not the most effective way to transform your viewers into customers.
YouTube, for instance, is an accessible and affordable channel to distribute content to a large audience. If a company is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign (for a corporate social responsibility initiative, for example) and has already developed a YouTube presence, the platform’s diverse population of viewers can play a key role in the campaign’s success.

In order to translate YouTube viewers into active campaign donors, it is essential that an organization utilize YouTube’s full capabilities and network. These are six tips to drive YouTube traffic directly to your organization’s crowdfunding campaign.

Tip 1: Export Your YouTube Subscribers to a Google+ Circle
From a crowdfunder’s perspective, this is one of the most exciting features that YouTube has released in a while. It creates the ability to easily export your YouTube subscribers to a Google+ page circle and then contact and share updates with them on Google+. ReelSEO has a step-by-step guide “How to Link YouTube and Google+ Pages, Multi-Admin Management Now Possible.” Once your YouTube account is connected to your Google+ page, go here to get started: https://www.youtube.com/audience_management

Tip 2: Links Through Annotations
Annotations on YouTube are simply text layers that can be placed anywhere in a video and be linked to an external page, like your crowdfunding campaign. Setting this up takes some time, but once it’s done you can easily link directly to your crowdfunding campaign from all of your videos.

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