Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk: ‘Mad Men’ vs. ‘Math Men’

It’s almost as though Stephanie Miller was readying for her closing keynote roundtable when she wrote “Mad Men vs. Math Men: 5 Ways to Automate for Both Sides of Your Marketing Brain.” While the article by the VP of member initiatives for the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) was penned for ClickZ on Aug. 19, it echoes her upcoming panel “Old Rules That Work in the New World.”

“We live in an age where the Mad Men of advertising wrestle with the Math Men of marketing analytics,” she writes. “Is the creative the most important element? Is the data? I say, ‘Pooh’ to anyone trying to have this debate. The fact is that data-driven marketing is only successful when both parts of our brain, our teams and our attitudes are in play.”

Miller will be joined by Brian Kurtz, EVP of Boardroom, Inc. Kurtz, per the quote above, who also believes “world-class” direct marketers know how to cross channels.

So crossing time and crossing channels, direct marketers employ skills that speak to consumers one-to-one.

“As long as the marketer participation is authentic and valid and helpful, it will be welcome,” Miller writes.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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