Denny’s Daily Zinger: OK Rich Rail Commuters, Here’s the Deal!

No more bar cars on commuter trains going north from New York. MetroNorth wasn’t making enough money on them.

The patrons were sweaty guys (mostly) swilling beer and Scotch to forget the tough day at work or the slovenly family they’re about to face. I love a drink after work, but not with these raucous slobs.

The last day, May 10, 2014, saw a lot of sadness, fist bumps and good-bye hugs.

[See the first image in the media player at right.]

Private Club Car Business Model
New York’s gazillionaires—hedge fund managers, CEOs and bankers—think nothing of blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars on private jet travel. And they commute to New York in the solitude of their private limos.

Maybe they’d welcome a place to relax and talk business to and from Fairfield or Croton-on-Hudson via rail as members of a private club in their own rail car.

[See the second and third images for a sampling of available rolling stock].

Assemble a syndicate of 40 high rollers who commute every day. Here are the ballpark costs:

Rail car: $350,000 + $100,000 to recondition interior, totalling $450,000

Divided by 40 guys is a $11,250 one-time initiation fee

Monthly running costs (based on the Silver Iris):

1 Crew per day: $500; per month: $15,000
Parking per night: $100; per month: $3,000
Mileage $2.10/20 Days: $440; per month: $8,800
Basic costs per month: $26,800
Cost per person per month (with 40 members): $670

Plus commuter tickets, booze and food going north, breakfast going south each a.m.

Charged to the business, of course.

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  • Judy Colbert

    I knew a Type A power guy who lived in Connecticut and drove to Manhattan daily. He would not consider taking the train because he wanted to be in charge. I never asked him how much in charge he was when an accident or inclement weather made the route a parking lot instead of a freeway.

  • Peter Rosenwald

    Years ago Denny, hating the subway ride from Brooklyn Heights to 57th Street, I tried to get the Circle Line to run a morning and evening commuter service using their docked Hudson River boats from Brooklyn Heights to Wall Street, 23rd Street, 42nd Street and 57th. I even presented them with a signed list of over 100 people prepared to pay a premium fare on a monthly basis.

    They came up with about one thousand boring reasons that all added up to ‘NO’.

    Great ideas don’t always get you comfortably in and out of Manhattan.

    But in Sydney Australia, water taxis and busses thrive.