Denny’s Daily Zinger: Small Data Wizardry – Event Marketing

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I’m not a fan of Big Data—scraping the Internet for every iota of dirt on individuals in order to create massive digital dossiers.
Small Data is a different story—a seemingly inconsequential addition to the name, address, phone, email, buying patterns, etc.

Examples of Small Data might be special dates in a person’s life—birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, etc. An offer pegged to these is called Event Marketing.

Two Masterpieces of Event Marketing

1. “The Times of Your Life”
The New York Times
touts this as “The Ultimate Birthday Book.”

For a paltry $79.95, you can give a personalized present guaranteed to blow the socks off any birthday boy or girl. Let’s say the birthday is September 1, 1935.

The New York Times Store will create a book containing the September 1st Times front page for every year starting with 1935.

The 12″ x 15″ hardbound book features the recipient’s name in gold lettering on the cover. It also includes a fascinating 19-page timeline of 20th Century events (covering 1900 – 1999), 10 extra pages for personal mementos, a magnifier, a certificate of authenticity, a special Times coin and a handsome gift box.

Bloody brilliant!

2. Twitterversary
Two weeks ago, Twitter sent me a reminder of the sixth anniversary of my first tweet. It supplied me with a digital Twitterversary card with a cake, candle and little candle flame blowing in the wind.

If I clicked “TWEET” it would be a billet doux to my 732 followers.

Ya gotta love it!

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  • Tim Orr

    According to the link, the NYT book is $179.95, not $79.95. Was considering it for a friend whose birthday is next month, but on second thought, she’s not THAT good a friend!