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If Cross-Channel Marketing Opportunities Were a Snake …

August 11, 2014 By Quinn Jalli
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Like the apple in the Garden of Eden, marketers want to take a bite out of cross-channel marketing opportunities. While it is clear that marketers understand there is opportunity in cross-channel marketing, what is equally clear is that the scope of the opportunity is, at times, eluding the most sophisticated marketers. With that in mind, let's review some of the basic stats that underpin the cross-channel opportunity.

Illustrating how one channel can drive understanding of consumer engagement in another, we see that, according to Epsilon's findings based on analysis of more than 40 clients' data sets:

  • In any given email campaign, marketers capture 40 percent to 50 percent of the opens on a desktop computer. When we look at the opens during a 30 day period, however, we see that we can capture at least one desktop open for up to 60 percent of the month's unique openers;
  • With the above numbers in mind, we see that 30 days of email sending results in a display retargeting opportunity leads to cookies being placed on 60 percent of the consumers who open emails in a 30-day period—a significant opportunity when you consider both the size of the average email marketing list for Fortune 1000 companies;
  • For companies looking to tie social activity and email addresses together, there is an opportunity to get social media insight into approximately 45 percent of their customers. Using email addresses as the matching key, marketers can understand which of their consumers engage in social media activities and on what sites. Marketers can also use this to understand how socially active those consumers are on the various social media channels and, more importantly, they can see the topics that are driving consumer conversations.

What these numbers tell us is that vast cross-channel marketing opportunities exist today, and they exist today within the typical Fortune 1000 company's current marketing program. Unfortunately, today's marketers tend to be specialists who think and act within a particular medium. As a result, they often overlook the learnings in their specific marketing channel that can power marketing efforts in another channel.

Not surprisingly, the most successful marketers, moving forward, will leverage data from all channels to power a consolidated marketing effort, finally bringing about the much-discussed and anticipated era of omnichannel marketing. To do this, however, marketers will need to start:

  • Leveraging Email as a Way to Drive Display Targeting and Intelligence. Display retargeting, predicated on an email open, provides marketers with a display opportunity to reach their most engaged consumers, and with an expected 30-day coverage rate of 60 percent of all openers, real results can be quickly seen.
  • Targeting Consumers Utilizing a Display Retargeting Campaign. By dropping cookies on an email open, marketers can easily identify who their most active, and most valuable, consumers are. From there, marketers can ensure that display advertisements, showing the goods and services that prompted the consumer to open the email, are put in front of the consumer's eyes, maximizing marketers' reach and likelihood that a conversion event will occur.
  • Utilizing Social Media Data Providers. If marketers understand which of their consumers are most heavily engaged with social media, they can utilize email response data to help drive meaningful social media discussions. Marketers have the opportunity to understand what email topics are driving the greatest interest among their socially active email recipients and convert that information into social media posts.
  • Allow Social Media Reactions to Shape Email Marketing Efforts. Social media and consumers' reactions to your posts and images are a great tactic to give consumers exactly what they want. Because email consistently demonstrates the highest ROI in the digital marketing world, it stands to reason that utilizing social media responses to identify hot topics can help marketers develop more meaningful email campaigns.
  • Most Importantly, Think Cross-channel. For any of this to be effective, marketers need to think across channels at every turn, looking for ways to leverage the intelligence gained in one channel across others. What happens in one channel should influence what is presented to consumers in another.

When all is said and done, the close proximity today's marketer has to a true cross-channel experience is both surprising and surprisingly unrealized. With a few simple changes to their existing programs, marketers can dive headlong into a full-fledged, cross-channel experience that will create truly relevant relationships with consumers who actually want to hear from that company.


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