Direct Mail to Online: Customer Acquisition Link 3

Direct Mailer No. 5: New York Times home delivery. Link: The mail piece promotes the Weekender, delivery on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 50 percent off or $3.95 per week. The link takes us to a dedicated page for this offer with four easy steps to determine delivery availability, choose option, delivery address and payment. It’s simple and very well done CAC.

Direct Mailer No. 6: Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings. Link: The mailer promotes a “Zero % Sales Tax” through February 20, 2012. The link correctly takes us to their landing page, which boldly restates the sales tax offer and, in a very clean page, presents five choices. A second link on the direct mail piece ( invites us to schedule a free pre-measure, and that link takes us to a form and a link for a measuring worksheet PDF (nice touch). Excellent CAC example.

Direct Mailer No. 7: “The Best Man” Broadway Show. Link: Like many mailers promoting shows, this link takes us to a simple page where we enter a promotional code that is shown on the direct mail piece. Doing this brings up a window with all the ordering information for the play. Simple and elegant CAC.

Direct Mailer No. 8: Marymount Manhattan College. Link: A college mailer is designed to get prospective students to come visit and take a tour, which is what we believe all universities aim to do in their direct mail pieces. This one leads to a simple landing page that gives students three options: take a virtual campus tour, schedule a visit and a list of upcoming college fairs that MM attends. Very straightforward and effective CAC.

Summary and Conclusion: These direct mail pieces are excellent examples of well thought out CACs. Unfortunately, we came across many, many direct mailers who had poor CACs, where their landing pages had serious issues. If you use direct mail on a regular basis, look at your website to see where it can be improved based on these examples.

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