Direct Mail to Online: Customer Acquisition Link 3

[Editor’s note: This is the second “link” in a 10-part series. The first, Do You Have Broken Links, appeared on Mar. 23. Check back Friday, April 13, for link four: Catalog to Online.]

We looked at eight direct mail pieces that we received in our homes during January, 2012.

Clearly direct mail has a cost, so having a solid mail-to-Web link is very important to capture customers and leads. Here’s what we found:

Direct Mailer No. 1: CapitalOne VENTURE card. Link: The comprehensive mailing package includes three ways to apply: phone, mail or online. The link goes to a page that captures a reservation number and access code that is printed on the application, so they are tracking Web activity from the direct mail piece. After entering the codes, you get a summary of benefits and the online app. Simple and easy to apply.

Direct Mailer No. 2: Macy’s Sunglass Hut store. Link: This self-mailer promotes Sunglass Hut glasses sold at Macy’s with a Valentine’s Day theme. The link takes you to the Sunglass Hut Store on with large, constantly changing photos. You could also watch a video for Versace glasses. Many catalogs drop you off at their landing page—this one gets you right to the Sunglass Hut page on

Direct Mailer No. 3: Compass Pointe NC resort community. Link: This self-mailer features an invitation to attend a presentation about this new community. The Web page is based on our location, so we are presented with a choice of four locations for the presentations, with an easy registration process consisting of only five data fields. Well done CAC and the Web page and conversion path supports the direct mail piece.

Direct Mailer No. 4: PODS. Link: When clicking on the link that’s printed on a bright red postcard with “Move It. Store It.” and a call to action for a personalized quote, we were taken to the PODS main page, which has a prominent quote form. This is exactly what we expected to see based on the direct mail piece.

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