3 Keys to Creating Device-Agnostic B-to-B Content

Today’s buyers, marketers and salespeople use multiple devices in the course of buying and selling—iPads, laptops and smartphones, to name a few. Shouldn’t it be the goal of all B-to-B marketers to create engaging interactive content that can be created once and reused across as many devices as your budget allows? With today’s purchaser completing 57 percent of the buying cycle before engaging with sales, it has become the responsibility of marketers to adopt the technologies needed to implement the process of one-to-one experiences everywhere, without paying to reformat it for each use.
This article will focus on the top three elements needed to create engaging marketing content that will effectively capture your customers’ attention at every stage of the buying cycle on any device they choose.

1. Reusability: Cross-Device Distribution Platforms
It has become very clear that the multiscreen world is upon us, changing the face of marketing rapidly, and B-to-B marketers must adapt to this evolution. They must immediately begin to create engaging content once that can be reused on all of the devices that buyers are now accustomed to using in their everyday lives (tablets, smartphones, laptops and other interactive touchscreen technologies.)

One option is to make sure marketers are leveraging universal “application delivery networks” that allow them to easily disseminate and repurpose their interactive content, without paying redevelopment fees per device, regardless of operating systems. Doing so will allow marketers to put consistent experiences into the hands of prospects, customers, sales teams, channel partners and marketing personnel, without paying to redevelop or reformat the applications. As a result, they will cut needless expenditure and increase the reach of each marketing effort.

2. No User Restrictions: Unlimited User Access
You never know where a prospect will first encounter your products and services. Therefore, you want to make sure your content gets the broadest reach possible. That’s why giving users unlimited access to your interactive marketing content with no restrictions is so powerful. Making content universally accessible (cross-device) will not only empower all of your prospects, but it also provides consistent messaging and accessibility to internal teams and channel partners who otherwise might not be able to obtain all of your organization’s content at the moment it’s needed.

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