Are Direct Marketers Really Out of Touch? – LinkedIn Discussion of the Week

Yesterday, we ran a link to a story from Marketing Week that we did not all agree with, but that we thought would be interesting to out direct marketing readers: “Direct Marketers ‘Are Out of Touch’ With Consumers

So here’s what we want to know: Do you buy it? Are direct marketers out of touch with consumers? Come join the discussion about this on the Integrated Marketing Mix LinkedIn group.

Spoiler alert: I don’t buy it.

I think direct marketers may be the only marketers who have a real understanding of what their target consumers really want. And you’ve done that by looking at metrics that accurately reflect consumers’ feelings: Response metrics.

The article seems to be based on, essentially, opinion polls. The problem with opinion polls is they are dramatically impacted by how you ask your questions. It’s easy to find false positives:

“Do you want to be contacted by marketers?”

“Heck No!”

“Would you like to get free coupons and offers form your favorite stores?”

“Heck Yeah!!!”

And hasn’t that always been the story of direct marketing? No one wants to get a mail piece or an email or to follow you on social media … Until they do! And then they don’t mention it, they just place orders.

We’d love to hear what you think. So please head over to the Integrated Marketing Mix LinkedIn group and let us know. I’ll talking about it there as well.

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