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By approaching its card benefits from a different angle for each life stage, AAA achieved a 215 percent lift in open rates and a 305 percent increase in clickthrough rates.

7 ways to make your marketing campaigns personal across all channels

In 2013, a customer-centric approach to marketing was the de-facto standard. Research has proven that the more personal, integrated, multichannel and real-time you can get, the more likely you are to motivate the target to take the desired action.

Consumers are fiercely proud of their individuality and want to be recognized as such by marketers—and they are irritated by marketing outreach that does not address their preferences or personalities. Here are seven ways you can make your campaigns more personal in every channel to achieve better marketing results and ROI:

1. Past Purchase Personalization
Leverage past purchases by making personal and relevant suggestions. Instead of creating an overarching promotion focused exclusively on price (“20% off!”) or GWP (“gift with purchase where you spend $X and get Y for free”), try segmenting your past buyers into logical segments based on past purchases, and then make your message more relevant to segment. For example, if the last purchase was a pair of pants, note that in your communication, “Hope you’re enjoying your [color1] [brand name] [product type]!” and offer 20 percent off a shirt, sweater or jacket to go with those pants. Or offer them another pair of those same pants in a different color at 20 percent off: “Since you recently purchased [brand name] [product type] in [color1], we thought you might want another pair in [color2], [color3] or [color 4], and save 20%!”

Acknowledging past purchase behavior and suggesting other relevant purchase ideas is one of the easiest ways to convince your customer you know them, and therefore are able to make relevant and meaningful offers to them.

2. Shopping Cart Retargeting
Abandoned shopping carts drive personal retargeting. According to the Baymard Institute, 67.89 percent of consumers abandon their shopping carts before checking out. While the reasons for abandonment are multifaceted, there are numerous ways to encourage the shopper to return and complete the sales process. The most immediate is personalized retargeting, where your ads (created on-the-fly for each consumer based on specific browsing behavior) are displayed to specific users as they browse the Internet, via various ad networks, reminding them again and again about the items they were looking at on your site.

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  • Angela Slupe

    Great article, Carolyn. Thanks for providing lots of helpful tips and reminders. One of our company goals for 2014 is to improve the customer experience. We have seen great success with our cart abandonment campaigns and are working to increase personalization in our email communications as well.

  • marketingdoc1

    Nicely done. I see so many companies not using their data correctly. One mistake can push the program into a real mess.