Database Marketing: Up Close and Personal

By approaching its card benefits from a different angle for each life stage, AAA achieved a 215 percent lift in open rates and a 305 percent increase in clickthrough rates.
7 ways to make your marketing campaigns personal across all channels

Test different intervals to see how to best optimize retargeting—immediately vs. 12 hours, vs. 24 hours after abandonment. You can also test length of retargeting. If the shopper never comes back and the item is still in the cart, try testing 30-day, 60-day, 90-day or even 6-month intervals to see if you can remind the customer and lure the shopper back. Adding an offer to the message that’s better than any offer that was on the site at the time can be extremely effective as a way to remind and reward the customer for coming back.

3. Contextual Banner Ads
Position your banner ads in context. Instead of merely purchasing banner ads on the Google ad network and hoping a site visitor sees it and clicks, contextual ad systems present banners or pop-up ads based on the keywords used in the consumers original search. For example, a user searching for “Beautiful kitchens” can create results that, when clicked, include your display ad for stainless steel kitchen appliances.

4. Segmented Email Messaging
Match email list segments to relevant messaging for higher open and clickthrough rates. Imagine for a minute that you had a brick-and-mortar store (even if you only sell online). And then imagine how you’d approach prospects when they walked through your doors. Would you show a teenager one set of products, while you’d show a different set of products to a mother with a baby? That’s exactly what AAA did when they tested a new membership retention strategy.

First, AAA conducted a short survey and then segmented its targets by life-stage: families with young kids vs. families with teens vs. adults without children in the household. Families with teens got messaging that encouraged them to use their AAA cards to get discounts on music, clothes, shoes and computers. Families with younger kids got messaging focusing on discounts on car seats, trikes, photo albums and scrapbooks. Families without children discovered deals at restaurants, entertainment and home accessories. While the card provides all these benefits to all its members, segmenting your audience and then repositioning benefits in a more meaningful way to those segments will increase email open and clickthrough rates.

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  • Angela Slupe

    Great article, Carolyn. Thanks for providing lots of helpful tips and reminders. One of our company goals for 2014 is to improve the customer experience. We have seen great success with our cart abandonment campaigns and are working to increase personalization in our email communications as well.

  • marketingdoc1

    Nicely done. I see so many companies not using their data correctly. One mistake can push the program into a real mess.