6 PPC Tricks in a Handy Infographic

Click to enlarge the top of the infographic. The rest is available here: ow.ly/zhD4v.

Set-it-and-forget-it campaigns are a no-no, says Samantha Stallard. The content manager at salesfusion says there are six ways marketers can “Optimize Your PPC Spend.”
“PPC ads give your target audience the opportunity to engage with your online content and land back on your website where they can continue their research,” she writes in the July 16 blog post. “Embrace it as the lead generation tool that it is.”

Marketers can:

1. Define the Goals of the Campaign. Is the goal conversion? Pick the audience, timing, bids and measurement methods to coincide with that goal.

2. Know the Budget Ahead of Time. It helps to know ahead of time in order to decide how to spend on the campaign—in real time, for instance?

3. Consider the Audience’s Geography. Marketers can geotarget and even create dynamic content, based on region.

4. Know When Your Prospects Are Online. This gets back to No. 2—does it make sense to spend money at the times of day when there’s no audience engagement?

5. Think About Traffic vs. Conversions. “Even rotation is best for conversions, while optimization is best for generating more traffic,” according to the salesfusion infographic.

6. Consider a Different Mobile Experience. “Click-to-call” is one of the different experiences available for calls to action in mobile vs. desktop, for example.

Is direct mail your workhorse? Or is it email now? What’s the first click? Search? How does your organization connect the chain?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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