The Role of Media Convergence in Digital Marketing

If you haven’t yet heard of or started practicing media convergence, then now is the time. In the hyperconnected world of digital marketing and sales, it’s easy to lose the attention of those you’re looking to punt a product to. Keeping consumers engaged — engaged being the key word here and one you’ll read about throughout this article — is essential in both marketing and sales campaigns.

So what’s media convergence? Simply put, media convergence is bringing together different media platforms to support one single campaign or promote a product. We could also call it the merger of marketing material, although this practice isn’t limited to marketing alone. This can be in the form of a web page, digital brochure or email marketing material. Few things lose a consumer’s attention as quickly as a static website, newsletter or promotional package.

Converged media offers marketers a means of combining different delivery methods all in one, offering an interactive and attractive experience for consumers. Related concepts like social media, consumer collaborative statistics and a subsequent marketing strategy can now be combined with vox pops, short video segments and writing.

Imagine for a moment, although this isn’t so hard to imagine really, you receive 10 newsletters per day. Eight of those are static pages with one or two images and way too much text. The other two have videos, clickable audio files, live Twitter streams, vibrant high-definition imagery you’re able to flip through without having to leave the page and the list goes on (for brevity’s sake we’ll stop there).

The above-mentioned, truly dynamic version of what marketing or sales material can be has become a necessity in the super competitive digital marketing world. Being able to engage people and actually make them click on something or do something is a major achievement. Even getting them to open your emails is a struggle. Imagine how damaging it could be once they opened it and saw there’s nothing stimulating there for them.

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