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5 strategies to build lists, generate leads, and convert sales or contributions

Online video marketing is being used widely and effectively as a direct marketing medium to generate leads, build mailing lists and convert prospects and past buyers into new sales or contributions.

As a central delivery vehicle for your message, online video can leverage email marketing, social media, as well as direct mail and other marketing distribution channels. When your videos resonate with your audience, you have implicitly earned permission to reach out more frequently with even more free content.

Just as direct mail comes in different formats, video can be deployed through a number of approaches, or formats, as well. Here are five video strategies that work, with any one of these being applicable to most direct marketing organizations:

1. Opt-in Lead Generation: This video approach enables you to distribute free, open content to build a story, credibility and trust over time. It’s classic lead generation: You give enough information to generate interest for someone to opt in to your mailing list, call you or take other action.

2. Personal Marketing: For company owners, and people in personal development or self-help, videos of the individual on camera can be a tipping point to generate response. Seeing and hearing the individual allows an authentic voice to be communicated, which can instantly build trust and the confidence from the prospect to take action.

3. Fundraising: Video is an outstanding vehicle to use for fundraising. When your prospective donor can hear from people inside the organization or, even better, from the people served by the organization, you can build an emotional appeal that tugs at the heartstrings.

4. Product Demonstration: If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth 10,000 words. Showing how a product works, pointing out all its features and associated benefits, can bring it to life on video. Studies have shown that 57 percent of online shoppers are more confident when they watch a video before making an online purchase.

Reinventing Direct is for the direct marketer seeking guidance in the evolving world of online marketing. Gary Hennerberg is a mind code marketing strategist, based on the template from his new book, "Crack the Customer Mind Code." He is recognized as a leading direct marketing consultant and copywriter. He weaves in how to identify a unique selling proposition to position, or reposition, products and services using online and offline marketing approaches, and copywriting sales techniques. He is sought-after for his integration of direct mail, catalogs, email marketing, websites, content marketing, search marketing, retargeting and more. His identification of USPs and copywriting for clients has resulted in sales increases of 15 percent, 35 percent, and even as high as 60 percent. Today he integrates both online and offline media strategies, and proven copywriting techniques, to get clients results. Email him or follow Gary on LinkedIn. Co-authoring this blog is Perry Alexander of ACM Initiatives. Follow Perry on LinkedIn.

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