5 Keys to Managing Digital Marketing Assets

3. Collaborate Around Your Library
These days, it’s hard to imagine any kind of business communication that doesn’t involve digital assets. It make sense, then, to keep much of the creative process close to the place those assets live. Having collaboration tools built into or integrated with your system of managing assets helps ensure your users don’t have to struggle with new learning curves or end up with conflicting versions of your assets floating around.

4. Know the Numbers
Like Web traffic, ad conversions and view counts, there are numbers you should follow to better understand your digital assets and the effectiveness of your DAM system.

Tracking those numbers is pretty important. If you know how frequently a product image is downloaded by users or staff, for instance, you might make different decisions when it comes time to shoot an updated set or photograph a new line (or when it comes time to request imagery from your suppliers).

5. Get People Excited
You need your teams to buy into the use of your software, systems and protocols. Otherwise, your efforts will have been for naught.

Depending on what kind of system you’re promoting, the size of your organization and who the users are supposed to be, the methods you use to get stakeholders on board will vary. Sometimes it’s as simple as a clear, concise email. Other times, it’s a full-blown media campaign. Whatever it takes, though, is worth it. It’ll all pay off when you see your marketing operation running like a well oiled machine.

Matthew Gonnering is CEO of Madison, Wis.-based digital media solutions provider Widen Enterprises. Reach him at matthewg@widen.com.

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