5 Big Things to Consider Before Unlocking the Power of Big Data

2. Meeting delivery preferences. Given the variety of today’s communications technologies, an important way to best serve customers is to determine and follow their individual communication preferences. Whether a customer prefers to communicate via paper (mail), electronic means (email, Internet, text, social media), mobile devices or a combination of these channels, being able to meet these delivery preferences is an expectation rather than an option.

3. Managing processes and content. Brand management and compliance with legal and regulatory standards are priorities that make the need for a secure, collaborative document creation environment essential. This environment should enable management of the processes, users and roles, interfaces and updating methods for a variety of communication channels.

4. Reduced time-to-market for new offerings. With the right customer communications management program, your organization will be able to repurpose existing customer data and quickly tailor communications to take advantage of new market opportunities or introduce new product offerings.

5. Predictive modeling. Complete visibility of customer data is essential for predictive modeling and analytics to identify customer trends, as well as emerging market opportunities.

Michael Watts is chief operating officer for Swiss-based GMC Software Technology. Reach him at m.watts@gmc.net.

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