4 Steps to Making Facebook Ads Work–at Last!

Those crazy Facebook ads. At a recent session at the Acquisio User Summit on Facebook ads, 25 people raised their hands to indicate that they had used Facebook for advertising, while only four raised their hands to indicate that they had achieved any success with them. One of the biggest reasons is the low clickthrough rate (CTR) inherent on a site in which people are otherwise engaged. Getting someone to not just see, but actually click on an ad on Facebook is like the Mount Everest of digital advertising; many people have aspired to reach the top, but few have managed to see the world from the top of this lofty peak.
The reality, however, is that if other people are doing it, so can you.

1. Segment Groups
Start here. Every time. Facebook provides you with resources for targeting different audiences and knowing exactly who you’re speaking to will help you to cater your message to them that much more precisely. If, for example, you have identified a group who live in Renton, Washington, and who are Seahawks fans, you can fashion your advertisement and its copy around this idea. Of course, you can’t just randomly choose groups; it’s still important to identify those groups who will be interested in your product or service, but once you’ve done that, the ability to further target and get their attention is well laid-out for you from Facebook.

From here, make sure that your ads speak directly to each of these groups. Identify your groups, and target each of them based on what you know about them. Don’t be afraid to go very deep with this; it’s important. And make sure that you have more than one ad for each of those groups.

2. Generating the Click
With the low rate of clicks that we generally get on Facebook, it’s safe to assume that people will start ignoring the ads we’re serving them eventually. It’s like that Post-It note that you have on your monitor: you’ve seen it so many times, that now you just don’t see it at all anymore.

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  • Alan Mitchell

    Hi Marc,

    I think a lot of people have unfairly written off Facebook PPC ads simply due to lack of trying. Google AdWords has become so efficient over the years that many PPC advertisers try Facebook ads expecting immediate results.

    But just like Google AdWords required testing and experimentation when it first came out years ago, so Facebook PPC ads require a huge amount of testing and experimentation to find a winning formula.

    As you point out, segmentation and a clear strategy is essential for a successful Facebook PPC campaign. It is very possible to achieve a measurable ROI from Facebook ads ( I have run campaign which consistently deliver over 350% ROI), but it involves a long-tail, targeted, and strategic approach, and a huge amount of time and effort.

    I wrote a guest post for Search Engine People a while ago, using the travel industry as an example to illustrate how Facebook PPC can be used more effectively:


    Would love to hear your thoughts.