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The Antithesis of the 'Social Media' Catalog

November 21, 2012
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Have you noticed this too? Since Nov. 1, I have seen 42 articles in the various publications, newsletters and blogs to which I subscribe on how to use social media to grow my business. I have not seen a single article on traditional cataloging. I know that for many of you who are catalog practitioners, this over-saturation of the media with stories on the potential success of social media, and its close cousin, mobile marketing, causes problems. Your boss, or someone in upper management, or a board member, sends you an email asking why you are not doing...


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Boden covers
Breaking Every Rule in the Book!
October 16, 2012 From Today @ Target Marketing
Every morning I sit on a stool at the kitchen counter with a mug of coffee and three newspapers—Inquirer, New York Times and Wall Street Journal—next to the small TV tuned to CNN, MSNBC and/or Fox. Recently, I found a Boden catalog from Great Britain lying forlornly on my kitchen counter. I saw it lying alone on the counter pathetically crying for attention like a starving kitten and I picked it up. The more I studied it, the sadder I became at its utter incompetence. I couldn't read it, because all the type was far too small and much of it printed in reverse type over busy, mottled backgrounds.
Mari Edmund 1
Cover Story : Direct Marketer of the Year: Marisa Anne Edmund
October 2012 From Target Marketing
At age 7, Marisa Anne Edmund was already an experienced direct mailer. Wearing roller skates while packing boxes of expensive optical components, she'd already started her career at her family's Barrington, N.J.-based optics, imaging and photonics technology company, Edmund Optics (EO). At the moment, she's EO's executive vice president of marketing and communications and its vice president of human resources. And while the former roller-skating packing line worker is known for injecting a bit of fun into the otherwise serious world of engineers, what really sets her apart is her ability to see the big picture.


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