QR Codes Are a Fad

Despite widespread doubts about QR Codes, many marketers have continued to use them, placing codes on all sorts of marketing material, from print ads, to product packaging and even on billboards on highways—all in the hopes of adding interactivity to what was once static media. Don’t count appliance brand Jenn-Air among the believers. Brian Maynard, director of marketing, doesn’t see the consumer adoption of QR Codes to justify their widespread use. In fact, QR Codes confuse many consumers, he said, leading to the conclusion that they’ll never enjoy wide adoption.

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  • barry Dennis

    How about if we think of QR codes as Request Info Coupons…only better, faster, stronger…the six-million dollar coupon!
    No? Why not? With virtually every new smart phone design inclkuding scanning capability, QR (and other "links") will become even more widespread.