Pass the popcorn, it's time to watch some fake movies. In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa enjoys a new take on awards shows from Farmers Insurance: The Burkies. The insurance company worked with its agency, RPA, to take an existing campaign, and for very low cost, create something new, timely and funny. Here's the YouTube playlist for The Burkies ... check out the five contenders, then comment below on which one you think should have won!

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  • Jaclyn

    love this! Mer-mutts. was my choice for the award, mostly because I can see my dog doing the same!

    • Melissa Ward

      Mer-mutts was super cute too! Honestly, RPA and Farmers did a fantastic job really capturing all the genres in their truest forms!

      Thanks for watching 🙂

  • Bill G

    Great fun – RPA and Farmers are to be complimented on finding a clever way to breathe new life into existing material. My vote goes to “Turkey Jerks.”

  • Jake Knapp

    Man I really wanted to like something else just to be original but I must say the Romantic Rodent is the best picture, oops I meant Stag Pool Party is the best of the bunch, read the wrong metadata.