What more can you ask from a marketing automation tool? How about the ability to sketch out trigger sequences on a virtual white board and bring them to life with the push of a button? That's the kind of capability Autopilot offers, along with a host of vendor integrations to enable triggered interactions from SMS messages to personalized postcards.

This week on Tech Talk, Target Marketing speaks with Michael Sharkey, CEO of Autopilot, a visual marketing automation platform that allows you to create customer journeys, automate tasks and track individual customers using a whiteboard-like interface for the whole team. Watch as Michael and Thorin discuss the key benefits and features of the Autopilot platform and their Annotate and Collaborate tool.

If you want to see more about the tool, head over to the extended cut of this video, which includes a demo and more information about integrations and features. Click here to see the full Autopilot demo video.

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