We talk a lot about how technology has changed marketing, but there are few industries that technology has had more impact on that publishing. The digital revolution has taken publishing just as far beyond print media as it has marketing. Those changes have had a huge impact on how audiences consume their information, and how marketers can reach them through it.

On this episode of "Tech Talk Face Off," Denis Wilson, Editor-in-Chief of Publishing Executive, talks with Target Marketing's Thorin McGee about how publishers are adapting to voice assistants and AI, and the new opportunities technology is creating for publishers and the marketers who work with them.

Podcasts like "The Daily" from the New York Times offer unique readership and advertising opportunities. Panoply is a "premium network" of podcasts that marketers can place ads in programmatically, using methods that are more like other digital advertising and less like old time radio sponsorships.

At the same time, AI-enabled tools are making many aspects of publishing easier. Some AI platforms are taking podcasts online by reading them to the listener. Others are helping publishers optimize content and content distribution, especially on social media.

Many of those new capabilities probably sound familiar, because they are very much in line with how marketing technology is changing. Click on the video above to see what that means for you.


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