Too often, we treat "marketing technology" as a synonym for "digital marketing." But technology has advanced in all facets of life, and in every marketing channel. And few channels have learned more new tricks than print marketing. Interactive print ads all paper-based marketing materials to do amazing things. Magazine ads that change color at the push of a button, inserts that collect solar power to charge a cell phone, a car ad that actually checks your pulse while making it race ... It's all possible, in the new world of high-tech, interactive print marketing.

But to take advantage of that, marketers need to stop thinking of print as an old-fashioned marketing channel and start approaching it with the creativity and possibility we bring to digital marketing.

Ashley Roberts, senior production editor of NAPCO Media's Printing & Packaging Group, and Target Marketing's sister magazine Printing Impressions, joins Thorin to talk about how print marketing has gone way beyond ink and paper, and can enable hundreds of unique customer experiences and brand impressions if marketers have the vision to create them.

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* Gremlin images courtesy of Mondo.

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