GDPR is forcing marketers across the world to become more accountable for their customer data. That process is shining new light on a breed of tool in the marketing tech stack that’s probably been overlooked: The Customer Data Platform, or CDP for short. What the heck is a CDP? Should you invest in one? Editor-in-Chief Thorin McGee is here to help you figure that out.

A CDP is not the same thing as a DMP (data management platform), and while marketing clouds offer some of the same functionality within their data management tools, they're not quite the same. CDPs offer marketers unique power of their data, and that's something every brands needs to consider.

For more on customer data platforms, take a look at David Raab's Customer Data Platform Institute, which includes a vendor comparison guide in its library. And don't miss Raab's presentation from last year's All About Marketing Tech.

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