Digital Developments in B-to-B Event Marketing
May 25, 2012

Event marketing has long been a staple in B-to-B, where the face-to-face conversation enabled by a trade show or corporate event plays a valuable role in launching or deepening a business relationship. But these days, business events are taking off in new directions, empowered by advancements in digital technology. I've been keeping an eye on some of the new developments, and happily share a few here.

How to Craft a Compelling Offer for Search Engine Marketing
May 21, 2012

The best way to motivate a click online is to make a compelling offer and provide an urgent call to action. This is not news to Internet marketers. But when it comes to search engine advertising, like Google AdWords, you need to think about your offer and call to action a bit differently. The secret is coming up with an offer that attracts qualified prospects, to maintain conversion rates—instead of bringing in tire-kickers who are only interested in getting a quick deal, and won't actually buy.

Is Frequency a Pay-off or Piss-off Strategy?
May 18, 2012

We've all heard about contact frequency strategies: Send (often) the same communications to your target audience repeatedly over a period of time. But if you continue to bombard your target over and over and over and over, does it really pay-off? Or does it just piss off your audience?

Lights, Camera, Action: Video Helps You Stay in Touch With Customers
May 16, 2012

One problem that plagues B-to-B sales and marketing is coming up with relevant, timely messages for nurturing customer relationships. A territory-based sales rep may be trying to keep in touch with hundreds of contacts at a time, but struggles to find a steady supply of good-quality reasons to use to reach out—without being a pest. I recently ran across a particularly compelling solution to this problem: Personalized email that links to entertaining, but useful, videos.

Five Ways to “Get Real” With B-to-B Social Media
May 10, 2012

Today, 89 percent of B-to-B marketers in the U.S. are using social media, says a study conducted by iTracks and the Business Marketing Association (BMA). In fact, B-to-B use of social media may have even eclipsed that of consumer marketers, according to another report from White Horse Productions. But the B-to-B marketers I talk to still sound confused. "What should I be doing," they ask. "What's really worth my time?"

Caution: I've Been Diagnosed With Social Media Madness
May 4, 2012

There are so many social media options now available, my head hurts. My palms get sweaty at the mere whisper of a new site. And if I get one more invitation to join some random, seemingly important group, I think I'll weep. As a marketer, I feel a lot of pressure to keep up with it all, primarily so I can talk to clients about how they can leverage these forums as strategic marketing opportunities. But in reality, it's not possible to do that, my day job and raise a family.

The B-to-B Buying Revolution, and Five Ways Marketers Need to Change Their Game
April 30, 2012

The Internet has driven dramatic changes in business buying behavior. Just as no one buys a car anymore without first checking prices and features online, business buyers now research and educate themselves online, months—even years—before ever seeing a salesperson. This has big implications for B-to-B marketers.

Are Your B-to-B Social Media Strategies Socially Appropriate?
April 20, 2012

There's lots of talk these days about how to leverage social media for your business. And with few exceptions, I'm a big believer that B-to-B marketers should subscribe to a strict division of "church and state" when it comes to Facebook and business relationships. Business colleagues/associates/clients/brands are part of my LinkedIn life, while my family and my "I'm interested-in-trivial-things-about-you-and-your-kids" peeps are part of my Facebook life. So I fail to understand why any B-to-B brand would even consider having a Facebook page.

Welcome to My New B-to-B Blog. Now What?
April 6, 2012

Each month, 151 million people Google the words "how to blog" or "what is a blog," so I thought I should start this first post by helping to answer those questions—and then offer some advice on how to use a blog in your B-to-B marketing efforts.

Never, Ever Outsource Your Content Marketing Strategy
January 11, 2012

Should you outsource your content marketing strategy? Don’t—unless you want your blogs, whitepapers, videos or webinars to blend in with those of your competitors. Good, effective content marketing cannot be outsourced. No matter how much you’re struggling to create a constant stream of content that effectively generates leads, keep it in house.