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Roseanne’s Transit Takeover

ABC’s blue-collar sitcom “Roseanne” has returned and, with it, has brought along some unique wide-format advertising.

The Kinds of Ads People Love

B2B ratings and review firm Clutch surveyed over 1,000 U.S. consumers about what they wanted in advertising. Here’s what they learned.

Up Your Price Potential by 8X

It’s easy to assume that B2C is more emotional than B2B — as more consumer goods have hedonistic appeal, while B2B products have

The Art of Learning From Screw-Ups

Let’s look at the top screw-ups covered from the “What Were They Thinking” desk, and delve into the lessons marketers can benefit from.

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Is he the Merc with the mouth, or the Merc with the sales pitch? In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa looks at how Marvel's anti-hero Deadpool has managed to turn 18 months of co-branded partnerships with 20th Century Fox into marketing success for all parties involved ahead of the recent release of "Deadpool 2."

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