Thank you for your interest in writing for Target Marketing. We’re eager to hear what’s weighing on your mind and the wisdom you’d like to share with our community of marketing professionals. But first, some housekeeping …

Below, you’ll find some guidelines for what contributed articles should and shouldn’t look like.

Above all, we are looking for thought leadership, which can come in the form of lessons learned, best practices, tips, case studies, and commentary on industry news and trends. We want to hear real insight from real people. Share your successes and failures. Above all, contributions should help inform our audience of marketing professionals with actionable advice in and key takeaways.

Contributions should not be self-promotional or pitches for your product or service. Drawing on the experiences you’ve gained from running your business, of course, is welcome — if insightful.

Contributed content needs to be an exclusive to Target Marketing. We do not republish content from other sites.

Contributions will be bylined. Contributors will have an author page, which allows the audience to learn a little more about them. Bios can link back to their companies, LinkedIn pages, etc. When submitting a contributed article, please send the short bio (25-30 words) of yourself that explains who you are and what makes you a worthy commentator on the marketing industry. We also need your photo and an email address where readers can contact you with questions — no “info” or redirects from agencies.

Contributed content should not be written by a PR or marketing team — they should be written by the subject matter expert. We know the difference.

Contributions should provide several “key takeaways.” Clearly outline a challenge and/or opportunity and provide specific, relevant, actionable insight.

All contributions are unpaid.

Yes, we will link to your website, Twitter, etc. within the author bio, not the actual content (unless you’re referencing a study/report/whitepaper you’ve put out, but then we will link to that, not just your company).

Contributed should be short: Approx. 800-1000 words is ideal; longer only if the subject matter truly calls for it.

Keep it professional. Critiques and opinion pieces should be substantiated, well-formulated arguments and never personal attacks. Link to research you reference or any articles you cite.

By submitting contributions to us you are authorizing us to publish in any capacity we see fit.

We may — and likely will — edit your piece for tone, content and clarity.

Please review past content to get a sense of what kinds of articles we are looking for.

Before you send your blog, please pitch us a brief idea (3-5 sentences) and, if it serves our audience, we’ll consider it for publication. Please include in your post why you are knowledgeable on this topic.

Target Marketing maintains very selective standards for outside contributions: Not all submissions will be published. We will try our very best to respond to all submissions, but if you don’t hear from us, it’s probably because your pitch is not a good fit for our publication.

Please send idea pitches for articles to Melissa Ward (