Startups Need List Brokers, Too!
By Denny Hatch

Anybody with a product or service who wants to get into direct marketing and does not have a competent list broker or consultant, can kiss the investment good-bye. Absolutely. If lists are the most important element in direct marketing, then the broker/consultant is the key player. In the November 2001 issue, I lamented that it was difficult to find a list broker who would take the time to work with marketers just starting up in the business. The small commissions on small tests were not worth the time spent, even though a payout may come down the line as the marketer gets bigger, mails more and, eventually, has a nice fat list to manage. I was dead wrong. Lots of brokers are delighted to provide their expertise to startups. Here is the e-mail blitz that came.

AccuData America (
Shelly Lucas
Premier Division
1625 Cape Coral Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33904
(941) 549-1111 ph.

I’m responding to your call for startup-friendly list brokers in the November issue of Target magazine. AccuData America, based in Cape Coral, Fla., would like to be listed in the January 2002 issue of Target. We specialize in developing data strategies that help our clients meet their marketing goals; if our clients need help defining those marketing goals–or even developing strategies–we assist them in those areas as well. For our larger clients, we have data consulting teams dedicated to particular industries–e.g., insurance, cable/broadband and telecommunications.

Pat Patten
Alan Drey Company
266 Mobil Ave., Suite 205
Camarillo, CA 93010
805-987-3522 fax

As the Alan Drey company celebrates its 50th anniversary, I look at our client roster and find quite a few startups who have mailed millions of pieces to lists handled by our company. We also have worked with many more who have not made a success. But we do know that being in on the ground floor of a successful operation usually leads to a long-term customer with great lifetime value for our company. So rather than assume our company does not want to work with startups, include us in your listing. On occasion we will turn someone down – if the product or offer is immoral or illegal – or if the chemistry to do business is just not there. More often we will save that company considerable time and money in learning the basics and getting their first program successfully executed.

American Direct Marketing Services
contact: Rob Weaver (
1120 Empire Central Place, Suite 110
Dallas, TX 75247
(800) 527-5080 ph.
(214) 905-3829 fx.

Our company, American Direct Marketing Services, located in Dallas, TX, specializes in lists of wealthy, affluent investors and consumers of all types of financial products and services. You can see our lists at Some of our past continuation clients include: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Texas Motor Speedway, Dallas National Bank, Hilton Hotels, Salvation Army, Dick Armey Campaign, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Professional
Seminars, Council of Indian Nations, Hampton Inn, Merrill Lynch, Winchester Hospital Foundation, Prudential Securities, Sacred Heart Foundation, Hartman Management.

American List Counsel
4300 US Highway 1
CN 5219
Princeton, NJ 08543
(609) 580-2977

Bliss Direct Media
contact: Joe Leach (
710 Sundial Dr.
Waite Park, MN 56387
(320) 203-1354 ph.
(320) 251-6755 fx.

Saw your call for brokers that will deal with start ups. Though we are not a brokerage firm, I do want to make you aware of our willingness and capabilities to work with start ups from a printing and mailing standpoint. I started this company two years ago after working at a very large direct mail printing company for eight years. We have grown quite quickly because we have been willing to deal with small jobs and unconventional customers. My pledge to each of my customers is this- “If you have a direct mail question on any campaign whether we are involved or not at all, please call. I will answer your question or find someone that can.” We also take credit cards
which tends to help from a financial standpoint. Please let me know if this would be helpful as well as anything else I might be able to do for you.

Creative Mailers
contact: Jack Engelmohr (
2275 Cassens St. Suite 128
Fenton, MI 63026
(800)943.8882 ph.
(636)343-4871 fx.

In the November issue of Target Marketing you discussed compiling a directory of list brokers who deal with startups. Creative Mailers would like to be considered for inclusion. We have been in business for 9 years and specialize in direct mail advertising (list acquisition, design and layout, printing and lettershop). Our clients include retail businesses and manufacturers in addition to nonprofit organizations such as charities, schools and religious entities.
I am the owner of the business and previously, I served as vice president of marketing and sales for 12 years at two different Fortune 500 firms. I am familiar with all types of advertising and sales methods and now I enjoy working with startup clients who often need advice on marketing in general and for whom direct mail may or may not be the best choice.

CSMI (Contact Marketing Solutions, Inc)
contact: Joe Cavanaugh (
(402) 934-4081 ph.
(402) 934-4058 fx.

We service companies of all sizes, types, and knowledge levels. While the large mailers certainly of great value to the bottom line, it is the customers newer to the world of list information that inspire thought and creativity, and challenge the minds of our account managers. There is much more joy in consulting with a new client trying to educate them as to their options as you begin to understand their needs and expectations than simply entering demographics to reach quantity for a mail drop. I am not saying that we do not enjoy our established clients as they bring challenging and often multi-dimensional projects to us but there is always adventure, usually enjoyable, with the new prospects. In short, we would anxiously welcome the opportunity to offer ourassistance to start-ups as well as those who are just entering the world of data purchase.

D.J. Associates
contact: Alexa Kimberley-Bryant (
P.O. Box 1640/Route 16
Conway, NH 03818
(603)447-3893 ph.
(603)447-1920 fx.

I am raising my hand. I work with a LOT of startups and frankly most of them are really great to work with. So put me down as a list broker who will happily work with startups of any size and I’ll do a great job.

Dunhill International List Co.
1951 NW 19thStreet, Boca Raton, FL 33431
contact: Cindy Dunhill
561-347-0200 ext. 121
Fax 561-347-0400
For sales leads, go to for instant countsand prices for business and consumer lists. Let us append e-mail addresses to your existing customer database. For more information, call 1-800-DUNHILL

Estee Marketing Group, Inc.
contact: Geoffrey Batrouney (
270 North Avenue, Suite 805
New Rochelle, NY 10801
(914) 235-7080 ph.
(914) 235-6518 fx.

I salute your request because it is very different handling a start up than inheriting (say) LL Bean! I have been an employee/owner on starting three direct mail companies: The Company Store in 1982; No nonsense direct in 1985; The Coca-Cola Catalog in 1993; and as a broker I have handled a score of startups. After a while one can smell the winner! And also have a great sense of when a mailer might not be ready or long for this world. I really admire anyone with the guts to attempt a startup. I feel almost a bit obliged to offer to help!

Nancy Hubbard, President
Hubbard Marketing Group
**Partners in Success**
Fax: 703-742-7094

Ever since I started my company in 1983, I have been working very well with startup businesses and find it exciting and challenging and very rewarding. We have provided not only list brokerage services, but also fundraising consultation, creativity and production coordination services. I’ve learned so much from these startups as it teaches me the importance of clear communication — and I think I’m a natural-born teacher! Some of the clients we’ve worked with from their beginnings are U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation — non-profit fundraising — to Women’s Golf Company — consumer catalog. We just started last year working with Women’s World of Golf, a new publication. Even though catalogs and publications are having difficult economic times right now, we have stuck by them in looking at various avenues to improve their revenue. A large percentage of our work since I began has been political fundraising — on the Republican side — as well as helping non-profits raise money. We would be happy to talk to startups to see if our team can be of support for their team.

Bob Portner , Senior Account. Executive
Kroll Direct Marketing
609-275-2900 ext.111
Fax 609-275-6606
Just began my 24th year in our business and pride myself in the service I give all my clients both large and small. some of my clients have been with me from the very beginning. my specialty has always been in the b-to-b arena with considerable experience working with conference mailers, as well as publishers, both here in the states as well as abroad. I also do a sizeable amount of work with consumer mailers in the health area. my clients are turning to me more and more for ideas on e-mail files as well as postal, and have been successful incorporating both.

Leon Henry Inc.
contact: Cheryl Bagdan (
455 Central Avenue
Scarsdale, NY 10583
(914) 723-3176
(914) 723-0205

We always welcome working with new mailers! We have nine brokers, any of whom will be delighted to work with startups. We have a history of some of the biggest companies that started small with and through us using inserts or lists.

List Services Corporation
contact: Elaine Zito (
6 Trowbridge Dr.
Bethel, CT 06801-0561
(203) 743-2600
(203) 743-0042

List Services Corporation has provided expert brokerage services to the direct marketing industry since 1981. LSC is a full-service brokerage company with specialists who are experienced in Publishing, Continuity, General Merchandise, E-Commerce, Fundraising, Opportunities, Financial, Databases and Alternate Media.
We serve both consumer and business-to-business clients in the U.S., Canada and International markets. Our new Interactive Division specializes in all aspects of e-commerce including brokerage. We encourage all new business.With regard to new startups, as a first time mailer we will analyze the market, make recommendations, do price negotiations, consult on merges, and back-end analysis as part of our service. We typically will make financial arrangements with a new mailer until a credit history is established.

List Strategies
contact: Douglas von Hassel (
141 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010
(212) 767-1000 ext. 106 ph.
(212) 541-4408 fx.

I have been a list broker with List Strategies for over nine years. Some of my clients include: Cahners Business Information, Primedia Business, Putman, Thomson Financial Media, Commerce Clearing House, Oceana Publications, Jupiter Communications, McGraw Hill, Business News Publishing, Wunderman, FCB, and Draft Worldwide. I specialize in business to business brokerage with publishers, seminar companies, and some Advertising Agencies. I look forward to business opportunities with startups.

Loring Direct Response
contact: Bart Loring (
5 Tioga Court
New City, NY 10956
(845) 708-0100 ph.
(845) 708-2290 fx.

I have been a list professional for 30 years. Two years ago I got tired of running large impersonal list companies (TLS, Generation Maketing, CMT Data Corp.-Behaviorbank, etc.), and opened my own shop. The purpose, or goal, was to bring back some of the hands-on entrepreneurial spirit that our industry has lost. I specialize mostly in consumer list and alternative media brokerage and management. My clientele currently includes both small startups like Candytree USA, Fitness Systems, VNF Nutrition, as well as larger mailers such as Swanson Health Products and Globe Life. I would welcome the chance to meet and work with owners of startup businesses. After all that’s where this entire industry came from.

LZL, Inc.
contact: Ann Zinser (
5 West Gate Drive
Bow, NH 03304
(603) 226-3811 ph.
(603) 226-3767 fx.

We are a small list brokerage and management company in New Hampshire, and we love startups. In fact, when Millard Company has small clients they send them to us, so we are more than happy to help small companies grow. We do both business-to-business and Consumer; we specialize in travel, human resource, business books, business technical mailing and publications, and all types of catalogs. Some of our clients include: Gillette Advertising Agency, Mountain Naturals, Ramada Plaza Resorts, Personnel Policy Services Contact East- Stanley, Alexander Hamilton, AT&T, IBM, Fidelity Investments, International Lottery, Fire Mountain Gems, The Agile Manager, Direct Merchants Bank-Metris, North American Affinity Group – PGA, and many others. Startups that we worked with include: Ramada Plaza Resorts – First mailings 5,000 names per week, Now mailing 1 million pieces per week.
The Agile Manager- 5,000 per quarter now 25,000 per quarter and growing. Personnel Policy Service – 10,000 per quarter, now 50,000 per quarter. Direct Merchants Bank – Metris first mailing Fraud Alert Offer- 50,000 last year – This year 150,000 November mailing, project to go to 250,000 per month in January 2002. We love working with new companies, and helping them with the direct mail business. We have 30 years+ experience in the list business, but LZL, Inc., is only five years old. Carl Landon and I started it after each leaving positions with other companies. Carl has work for S&H Marketing, Inc., General Foods, Lee Wards while I had previously been with Listworks for 15 years. Thanks for the opportunity.

Mal Dunn Associates
contact: Russell Dunn(
2 Hardscrabble Rd.
Croton Falls, NY 10519
(845)278-1230 ph.
(914)277-8311 fx.

I was intrigued by your piece in Target Marketing on startups’ need for list brokerage. I have been in the list business for over 20 years and have spent most of that time in list brokerage. It is true that usually startups tend to be a lot of work for little or no return. However, there are some very real benefits to the broker that come from this kind of work.
First and foremost is the fact that you can learn a lot by working with new mailers. When working with a startup I will inevitably learn about some new aspect of direct mail. Established brokers usually have a stable of major clients that they have worked with for years. As a result, you tend to get a little set in your ways as far as what makes up a “good” list based on your experience with your small group of client/mailers. Working with startups gives you an opportunity to test your assumptions regarding lists, and more importantly, develop new approaches to reach a target audience. Another benefit to working with startups is just plain FUN.

Let’s face it, list brokerage isn’t rocket science and after working with clients for several years it can even become a little mundane. Working with startups on the other hand is exciting. You are dealing with new ideas, and sometimes, new markets. Everything is riding on a handful of lists so the stakes are high. Many times in my career a startup relationship has recharged my list broker batteries and reminded me of the excitement that is to be found in direct mail marketing. As a seasoned list broker, startups will keep you fresh and open your eyes to new possibilities.

Finally, lest we forget big success. Aside from the fact that you can generate some nice revenue from this, there is nothing that compares to being part of the original team that puts together a mail plan that is a home run. All that being said, I would be happy to be listed on your directory of brokers who are willing to work with startups. I have worked with just about every type of mailer imaginable, both b-to-b and b-to-c. My main client base right now is in consumer and b-to-b publishing. I also do a lot of work in the Teen market and Natural Health/New Age markets.

Don Malt Associates
contact: Don Malt (
3419 Santa Barbara Blvd.
Cape Coral, FL 33914
(941) 945-6351 ph.
(800) 825-2543 toll-free ph.
(941) 945-6353 fx.

I have been a list broker for 23 years, a sales director of a major NYC list compiler and broker for 12 years, and now 11 years on my own. Most of the startup businesses who come to me are referrals from other clients or those who have done their research through SRDS or other source publications. I have lead many new clients down the direct mail marketing path. I have a lot of patience and feel that there are not any dumb questions when you are about to tackle something you are not too familiar with. I always put the client at ease. Once you intimidate, you can kiss it all goodbye. My specialties are business, consumer and response lists. I do not manage any lists but
sure order many from list management companies. Some of my clients are: Progressive Direct Mail Advertising Neurology, Learning and Behavior Center Nationnal Association for Continuing Education Theatreworks, USA Conference Associates, Mail Magazine, Prudential Home Mortgage, Sun West Data Services.

Market Share
5726 Cortez Rd. W., #303
Bradenton, FL
Phone: (941) 794-6059; Fax: (941) 792-0786
Regarding your article “Startups need brokers, too”, we have been involved in numerous startups since I founded Market Share in 1989. After we receive their first query, we ask them to complete a questionnaire. On the basis of the questionnaire, we decide if we think they have potential. Two of our recent startup clients were Bucio Lingerie (a catalog of lingerie for larger women) and The Young Scientists Club (a continuity membership for Kids 4-10). We have had a wide variety of B-to-B and consumer startup clients.

Marketry, Inc.
contact: Greg Swent (
1601 116th Avenue SE Suite 130
Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 451-1262 ph.
(425) 451-1941 fx.

Marketry is always interested in start ups. Why? Let me bore you with a bit of my person history in this regard. In the mid 1970s I was consulting with colleges and universities for developing and marketing seminars. As such I controlled the processing of close to 10 million pieces of mail a year, and had a very competitive price with a cheshire label mailing service bureau. In 1978 I started a seminar company of my own, and approached the owner of the service bureau to provide me the same price I had previously, based on the large volume price, even though my volume as a start up was really very small. He agreed to that special pricing. Within two years my company was mailing 17 to 19 million pieces a year! The owner of that company, up until he sold to a larger company, repeated that story over and over. So I know start ups can grow to be much larger. Primary emphasis for Marketry is b-to-b, about 75 percent of that is high tech, software, hardware, peripherals, etc. We have survived (and grown) for 20 years now! Clients include marketers such as Siebel Systems, Great Plains Software (now owned by MicroSoft), HP through an ad agency, Microsoft through an ad agency, WRQ Software, Advanstar (publishing & trade shows), Freedom Technology Media Group (publisher), Harvard Business School seminars, etc.

Maximum Response Group
contact: Elsie Freshwater (
26414 Barranquilla Ave.
Punta Gorda, FL 33983
(941) 629-8849 ph.
(941) 629-8857 fx.

I find it hard to believe any broker would pass up business. As you said, it might be the next Sharper Image. Anyway, I would certainly like to be on your list. My current clients include B-to-B, (I do some database brokerage for Amer. Mgm’t. Assoc.), Jenasol of Florida, (consumers, vitamins), Graphik Dimensions, (custom picture frames marketed to both consumers and businesses). In the past, I’ve worked with Nightingale Conant, (self-help cassettes), Fancy Publishing, (pet magazines), and Sporting Dog Specialties, (pet catalogs). I’ve also worked with the business division of Phillips Publishing. In summing up, I would say my experience, both past and present, has been with a wide variety of mailers. I would appreciate any business you might send my way.

contact: Amy Seyler (
209 Madison St.
Alexandria, VA 22314-1764
(703) 706-0373 ph.
(703) 836-2031 fx.

We specialize in working with associations, publishers, and catalogers, mostly in the business realm but a few on the consumer side too. We focus on education, health and social services/youth-at-risk, but we have worked with a variety of mailers in other industries. We also specialize in working with smaller clients to maintain the one-on-one customer service we feel is critical for our clients’ success. I think MGI Lists would be a perfect fit for start-up businesses.

Millard Group
Linda McAleer
10 Vosse Farm Road
Peterborough, NH 03458
(603) 964-9262

Mokrynski & Associates
401 Hackensack Avenue
Hackensack, NJ 07601
(201) 488-5656

Name Finders
contact: Brad Pagano (
160 Sansome Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
(800)742-9869 ext 241 ph.
(415) 955-8581 fx.

Count us in Denny. We offer our services to startups and provide them with free seminars on direct mail and mailing lists. Our founder and president, Rosalie Bulach, created and currently conducts the UC Berkley graduate seminar on database and mailing list methods for direct marketing. We also offer this seminar free to new clients … startups and/or old-hats. Name-Finders Lists has been in business since 1981. Some of our clients include: Investors Business Daily (Publishing), Windsor Vineyards (Catalog), The American Legion (Fund Raising), IQPC (Seminars), Fast Signs (b-to-b), Lucent Technologies, Oracle, Sun Microsystems (hi-tech). Let us know how we can help, and next steps.

NRL Direct
contact: Steve Bogner (sbogner@
50 Piermont Road
Cresskill, NJ 07626
(201) 568-0707 ph.
(201) 568-9893 fx.

I personally have built quite a business in 26 years as a list broker doing exactly as you recommend. Try to find startups, advise them properly and help them reach their potential. After all, “From little seeds big trees grow.” I was involved with the first Frontgate, Herrington and Improvements catalogs. I also worked with Levenger from their initial mailing of rentals (March, ’91) until early 1996. When we stopped working with them they had grown from several thousand customers to more than 280,000 in 12 months. We remain the broker/manager for the other titles.
First, we do not spend much time trying to unseat competitors from their clients. We concentrate on building our own relationships.
Secondly, we believe it to be potentially harmful if a newer, younger broker is assigned to a startup. startups, more than anyone, need all of the experience and expertise they can get. I can share some very interesting stories of what some startups are told to mail. In fact, I just got off a lengthy conversation with a former employee of one of our largest clients who has a very interesting idea for a startup. Most entrepreneurial individuals are very loyal to those who help launch them on their way to success. I have experienced great satisfaction in helping to build the above mentioned companies. Ric Leichtung once referred to me as an unsalaried employee of his company. Several years later he sold for close to $20 million. We would welcome the opportunity to work with any startup you come across. However, let me warn you I am going to recommend people not to proceed if I do not think they have a solid chance for success.

PCS List & Information Technologies
contact: Doug Hall (
PCS List & Information Technologies
39 Cross Street
Peabody, MA 01960
(978) 532-7100 ph.
(978) 532-9181 fx.

As list brokers we cannot forget that we were all startups in this industry, just like we can’t forget that we have mothers! Over the last 23 years PCS Mailing List Company has worked with all kinds of small mailers, some have become large successful direct marketers, many have merged into larger entities, some have fallen by the wayside for a variety of timely reasons. We certainly did our best to get several Internet startups to do direct mail before it was too late- some did well. We say in the text of our catalog of lists that “We take time to educate novice direct marketers as part of our service.” This has been the foundation of customer relationships.
Historically we work in business, professional publishing, education and vertical lifestyle markets. (i.e., if you have to know more about your consumer than where to mail to them and inferred income!) We have clients in finance (like Paine Webber), many professional publishers (WB Saunders/Mosby; Lexis), seminar and education providers (Harvard Graduate School of Design; Sterling; AICPA), sciences publishers (Nature Magazine)and new biotech/research companies, magazines and catalogs as well as professional associations. Nevertheless we also do regular list recommendations for local politicians, Chambers of Commerce and regional theater groups.

It isn’t a risk-free proposition to build business but we have learned a lot along the way- from our own experience and while helping our clients. Sharing that to a prospective client is free! It is what we do when we research. If there is any way that I can be of help, please let me know or contact
Doug Hall, VP Sales & Marketing.

Response Unlimited, Inc.
contact: Philip Zodhiates (
284 Shalom Road
Waynesboro, VA 22980
(540) 943-6721 ph.
(540) 943-0841 fx.

New mailers with good ideas and good potential are our forte. We love turning good ideas into thriving, profitable organizations. We love landing the brokerage for existing mailers, but the new stuff I personally really thrive on.
While our company does fund-raising more than anything, we’ve helped provide ideas or helped implement ideas that have turned into successful catalog ventures (e.g. Southwest Indian Foundation, America), publications (e.g. World Magazine, New American, Quit You Like Men, Midnight Call, etc.) or video/music/continuity programs that include children’s
products, family-oriented products, etc.

Our clients love us not only for our excellent list brokerage services (both business-to-business and consumer) but for our creative and production brokerage services and complimentary internet marketing capabilities. We’d love to be included in your directory. And we’ll consider every opportunity that comes along.

John F. Papalia (
11 Lake Avenue Ext.
Danbury, CT 06811
203-778-8700 x104 ph.
203-778-4839 fx.

Great idea–a directory of list brokers for startup mailers. Both ends of this equation will greatly benefit. I have two brokers on staff with a fair amount of experience and the willingness to work with startups. Please include them in your directory.

Tom Chillot
Director of Sales
9663-C Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22032
Direct (703) 426-4405
Fax (703) 978-7832
As the Director of Sales for TMA (Tony Murray and Associates), I can tell you that we often work with start-ups and find them a tremendous source for new business opportunities. You hit \the nail on the head when you mention the likelihood of referrals resulting from a recommendation for a start-up who is usually unfamiliar with the list-buying process. We are more than willing to work with these people as they often will come back to those who help them in the ‘lean times’, whether still with their original venture or for their next ‘big idea’. I would love to be included in the directory of brokers that you are pulling together who are willing to work with start-ups. Feel free to reference any of the clients listed on the testimonial page of our website (

As for specialty, we really span the spectrum. From agencies to individual start-ups, we offer expertise gained from a diverse clientele base in the business-to-business, business-to-consumer and non-profit marketplaces.

21staz Marketing
Jennifer Honadel ( )
1750 New Highway
Farmingdale, NY 11796
(631) 293.8550, ext 208 ph.
(631) 293-8974 fx.

I read your article in the November issue of Target Magazine and I’m raising my hand! As for our specialties – you may know that AZ Marketing and 21st Century Marketing became one company in December of last year, combining two market leaders! Our expertise is in virtually every market, from catalog publishing and technology to business to business, non-profit, gardening and more. Some of our clients include: Office Depot, Micro Center, Sundance Catalog among many others! My contact information is below! Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your directory!

Valerie Davis &Associates
contact: Pamela Kelley (
500 Commercial Street – 4th Floor
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 624-9220 ph.
(603) 645-1121 fx.

First and foremost, I very much enjoyed reading your short article in the November issue of Target Marketing Magazine it certainly touched on one of my favorite subjects, the start up.We are a small brokerage firm, recently purchased by Carney Direct Marketing, an Irvine, CA based DM Company who had been searching for an East Coast presence, as it were…and we found each other to be a seemingly good fit. I am attaching a client roster for your perusal, it only lists our major sources of revenue but it has always been the smaller clients I have gravitated toward, simply because they are always so eager and interested to learn and it’s always more fun to help the
“Nantucket Nectars” of the world as opposed to the “Martha Stewarts”.
I would be honored if you could include us in the upcoming directory you have planned and will, as always welcome the opportunity to work with all those who may need my assistance.

Wise & Loveys Information Services Ltd.
contact: Chris Loveys (
Lyon Court
Walsworth Road
+44 (0) 1462 437733 ph.
+44 (0) 1462 437744 fx.

Here in the UK everything is smaller and the problem is accentuated. Even an established small business may require as few as several hundred names to reach his niche market or local area. Not surprisingly the traditional broker/manager/owner/bureau supply chain cannot handle such requests economically. But there are some 3m small businesses and most of them need to “send out a flier” (as they call a dm campaign) at some point so the potential aggregate market value is actually hundreds of millions of dollars.
We have been operating for over 3 years now. It is a fully automated online list selection/purchase/download system backed up by dedicated customer service staff who will help with questions about list, selections, strategy, legislation etc. Unlike the list delivery websites I see in the USA, we offer not just a single B2B and a single consumer lifestyle database, but over 130 databases supplied by about 30 of the leading list-owners.

We are a broker/manager that not only is prepared to work with startups & small businesses – our whole purpose is to service this market. We currently service many thousands of small businesses in the UK and abroad either direct or through over 200 “resellers”. These are not traditional brokers (who largely still “don’t get it”) but other people that small businesses trust for advice about marketing (i.e. business advisors, print & copy-shops, marketing consultants, ad agencies etc) and who are happy to supply the list as part of a bundle of higher value products or services.

Whilst many brokers/managers/owners say they are happy to service smaller clients, most apply minimum order quantities or charges for counts or selections that effectively deter the small list purchaser. Our average sale is around $150 and it is only by removing cost through automation that this sort of business can be made economic.Online list delivery, backed up by excellent customer service, is the only way forward for the small business sector.

World Innovators isa arecognized mailing list brokerage and management company based in New Canaan, Connecticut. The company was established in 1980, and its management team has more than 48 years experience in international marketing, list development and
management. Members of the U.S. Direct Marketing Association, the
Federation of European Direct Marketing and the International List

With years of industry experience, together with a global alliance of professional resources and business partners, World Innovators encompasses a wide range of services and strategies to meet your mailing needs. World Innovators is known for its personalized service. Each client is handled on an individual basis in an effort to reach their targeted audience and to generate the greatest return for their marketing dollar. All channels are thoroughly researched before final recommendations are made. Before any research begins we first listen to your ideas, specifications and objectives. World Innovators is your one-stop solution to all your direct marketing requirements.

As Experienced List Brokers we will search out lists looking for quality not quantity of names within your targeted audience. World Innovators can obtain any list available in the world to complete your mail plan. We have direct access to thousands of mailing lists in the United States and around the world.

As Aggressive List Managers we are willing to do the extra promotion and make the extra calls to generate the highest possible income for you without your losing control of your lists. It is through our vast experience in the various markets that we have earned our reputation. We constantly equip ourselves with the latest in marketing technology and market know-how. You can think of World Innovators as a valuable, experienced, extension of your own company.

As direct marketing specialists, we strive to provide all of our customers with the highest level of quality, reliability, professionalism, and integrity while building a worldwide reputation for outstanding service and performance.

World Innovators Inc.
Donna Peterson
72 Park Street; New Canaan, CT 06840
Phone: 203 – 966 – 0374; Fax : 203 – 966 – 0926