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2012 Retail Marketing Trends - DMIQ TV Video
July 27, 2012

Learn about the current cross-marketing trends (mail, email, mobile and more) that are sweeping the retail industry, courtesy of Direct Marketing IQ and Retail Online Integration magazine. DMIQ's Chief Content Officer Ethan Boldt spotlights a few trends from the recent report, "Retail Trends Revealed." Find out more here.

Integrative Marketing Spotlight: QR Codes Trends in Direct Mail
July 6, 2011

QR Codes. Who's not talking about QR Codes in direct marketing? But are you still not convinced that QR Codes are a growing trend in the mailstream? Or that they only work for certain verticals?DirectMarketingIQ's Chief Content Officer Ethan Boldt takes you through many examples of mailers, from different verticals, featuring a QR Code.

All About Mobile Marketing
August 10, 2010

In this FREE whitepaper, eM+C has pulled together 13 tips we believe comprise the best mobile tactics and strategies our experts have to offer to succeed in mobile marketing and advertising.