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Now that there are more fundraising channels than days in the week, fundraisers are understandably desperate for a comprehensive, up-to-date guide on how exactly to run today's multichannel campaign.

Direct mail, email, mobile, social media, video, search ... the marketing landscape can either be a minefield where mistakes can kill campaigns, or a perfectly integrated mix of channels that maximizes the reach of the message and gives a nonprofit the best chance to capture more donor dollars.

In The Art & Science of Multichannel Fundraising, from DirectMarketingIQ, the roadmap to that "perfectly integrated mix" is thoroughly laid out in over 120 pages. Check it out here!

First, 9 chapters from leading fundraisers give you the latest best practices in multichannel fundraising, including how to:
  • Choose the right channels for your campaign
  • Develop creative that works across multiple channels
  • Revitalize the direct mail component of your multichannel mix
  • Make sure email plays its increasingly important role perfectly
  • Seamlessly integrate mobile marketing into the fundraising campaign
  • And much more
Second, in 8 robust case studies from organizations like Haiti Relief Campaign, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and Arizona Humane Society, find out the secrets behind multichannel fundraising campaigns that worked.

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If you're a fundraiser, I'm very confident that this will be a guide that you'll love ... and use, early and often!

Ethan Boldt, Chief Content Officer, DirectMarketing IQ

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