Customer-first marketing has long been a point of emphasis in the B2C world, but it's becoming a bigger concern in B2B. In this episode of Marketing Garage, Alison Biggan, SAP's chief product and field marketing officer, explains the situation to Thorin McGee, Target Marketing's former editor-in-chief.

"We're thinking about who it is we're talking to and why they will care what we're talking about," she says. "And for us, this is more than just making sure we're quick to respond or making sure that we're talking to customers about the products they already own, and it's really about eliminating the jargon, communicating with customers in a simple and clear manner and really, honestly, to connect the dots across the product portfolio in a way that's relevant to the customers." As a result, SAP keeps track of who its customers are, what software they're using and what problems they need to solve.

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