We often hear that marketers are seeing more AI hype than actual artificial intelligence in their daily work. But the tools are out there, and leading-edge brands are already reaping the benefits. In this episode of Marketing Garage, we talk with Renato Piai and the people helping Reckitt Benckiser, a Fortune 500 CPG company, make AI a part of its marketing and product strategy.

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) is the company behind many of the biggest legacy brands on the home and health market, including Airwick and Lysol. Piai is the company's head of consumer and e-commerce analytics across all of those brands, and he works with Ambo Bose, Fractal Analytics chief practice officer for CPG, retail and hospitality, to apply cutting-edge AI to finding insights in the reams of e-commerce, social and retail data generated by RB's brand's every day.

If you have doubts about the potential of AI to revolutionize brands, RB is a great use-case in how machine learning can help find insights at scale in ways non-AI methods can't match.

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