Every great brand has something special about them, a unique way of interacting with their audience that produces a customer relationship that goes beyond the transaction. "They've created a cult," says Angus Nelson, "or a 'cult'ure." And understanding how to make that connection is the secret to making your brand strategy a true customer movement.

Angus Nelson is a brand strategist and speaker who hosts the Up In Your Business podcast, helped found Crowd Companies and Brain+Trust Partners, was president of Life of Dad agency, and continues to lead the influencer marketing agency HeartCentric, Inc. On this episode, we talk about how to spot and leverage the differentiators that can help your brand become a movement, the elements of customer identity that make your target audience long to belong to, how to drive digital transformation as a marketing leader, and what the big brands can learn from challenger brands who are beating them with swag.

"People want to belong to something," says Nelson. And this episode will help you understand how to give them a brand that's worth belonging to.

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