From The Pepsi Challenge to Apple's "1984" ad, John Sculley was behind some of the greatest marketing campaigns of the 20th century. Hear about the confrontational marketing strategy that got him there, what it takes to connect with customers, and how he went from marketer to CEO in corporate America, and what it was like to work with Steve Jobs. For more great marketing content, be sure to sign up for Today @ Target Marketing, the e-newsletter for marketing leaders.

Some highlights:

“Marketing to me was not just about building programs. But it was about, how do you connect with the customer, the consumer? And how do you create something that gets them incredibly engaged, and eventually very loyal?”

Sculley became the CEO of Pepsi by doing things that could change the ground rules of the industry. “It helps when your competitor is so successful they become a little bit complacent."

Steve Jobs wasn’t an engineer. “He was focused on getting the very best people to productize his dreams.” In other words, “Steve Jobs was the marketing guy.”

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