Zephrin Lasker

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

With the iPhone 5 now out of the bag, the discussion about mobile in recent weeks has focused on the potential of new hardware and platforms. But it’s the growing ubiquity of smartphones that has Zephrin Lasker, the founder of mobile advertising platform Pontiflex, so optimistic about the mobile’s potential for the SMB market. “It’s amazing [that] anyone with $100 dollars in their pocket can have something so powerful,” Lasker told me in an interview Tuesday. “Yes, you need new platforms, but you need them not just to be available for the elite and that is very much happening.”

Disruptive ads—especially ones that take mobile users out of their applications when they accidentally click on them—shouldn't just annoy the 47 percent of app users who report making the mistake. It should disturb the advertisers who pay for those wasted clicks, finds Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Pontiflex.

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