Absolute courage in the face of absolute adversity Sept. 13, 2005--Vol. 1, Issue #30 IN THE NEWS Philadelphia Park starter Russell "Rusty" Downes will face "internal disciplinary and economic sanctions" after leaving a filly behind the starting gate in Monday's Pennsylvania Oaks. Downes, 65, has dispatched runners from the gate for 35 years at numerous tracks but had never left one behind until Private Gift was ignored while five other runners were sent on their way in the $100,000 stakes race. --Craig Donnelly "Penalty is promised after big error at gate"

By Shari Altman Improve Your AOV With Well-crafted Upsells and Cross-sells. When you visit McDonald's or Hardee's and place your order for a burger or chicken sandwich and a beverage, you will almost certainly be asked, "Would you like fries with that?" At its core, upsells are just like those french fries—an added item that "goes with" your initial purchase. In fact, a telemarketer I worked with years ago even used the term "french frying" as a pseudonym for upselling. Cross-selling really is a variation on upselling, where an item is offered that doesn't necessarily "go with" your customer's initial purchase, but that

Industry experts get serious about privacy, postage, telemarketing and more. Reported by Paul Barbagallo, Brian Howard & Hallie Mummert Privacy. The U.S. Postal Service. Telemarketing. Congress. These four topics dominated the discussion at Target Marketing's Business Outlook 2003 breakfast, held during the Direct Marketing Association conference in San Francisco in October. We gathered a distinguished panel of industry experts to outline the major issues direct marketers will face next year, and found that the more the industry changes, the more it stays the same. When Target Marketing convened a roundtable seven years ago to discuss the future of direct marketing, we gnashed teeth over

The Art of the Questionnaire By Alan Rosenspan YOU'RE ABOUT TO THROW AWAY a direct mail package, and you suddenly realize, "Wait a minute! There's a real dollar bill stuck in here!" So you continue reading and find out it's a questionnaire and the company sending it is offering you a small reward to "thank you in advance" for filling it out. What do you do now? Do you answer all the questions honestly and completely, because after all, the company paid for your opinion? Or do you quietly pocket the bill, delight in the fact that you just got something for nothing,

By Kelly J. Andrews A very good retail salesperson upsells this handbag to match that dress, the lamp to complement the sofa. To contrast, telephone reps, lacking face-to-face contact, used to function as mere order-takers, not salespeople. Direct marketers relied on persuasive copy to sell, not their inbound reps. This outdated reality has changed. The reasons are several: First, the increased costs of mailing have put pressure on call centers to increase order sizes and become profit centers. Second, upselling and cross-selling efforts not only increase average order size, but also help retain customers by turning single-buyers into multi-buyers and upping their involvement with

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