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The Bush Administration is being terribly hurt by the media. The Government Accountability Office issued a report in January 2006 stating that the current administration in Washington spent $1.6 billion on public relations over 2-1/2 years. Of that, $1.1 billion was for military recruitment. That leaves $500 million for image building. Yet the president’s job approval rating is in the mid- to low 30s. What’s gone wrong? Dwight Eisenhower, Master of PR If you saw George C. Scott in “Patton,” you will recall the slapping scene. Patton, visiting grievously wounded and dying soldiers in a field hospital in Sicily, came upon Pvt. Charles H. Kuhl of the 26th Infantry

by John DeMartino Personalization in direct mail has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings—a recipient's name and address printed on a letter. With the advances in data collection and printing technology, it has evolved into a more sophisticated animal. Personalization is not limited to keeping in contact with your current customers; it can also be used to sell prospects or fulfill requests from inquirers. Following are examples of how three companies—Mobil, Whirlpool and Crown Mercedes—used personalization in their direct marketing campaigns. Each addresses a different aspect of how personalization can enhance marketing efforts. Selling and Upselling Mobil's "Corner

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