Marketing guru Chris Baggott, author of “Email Marketing by the Numbers” offers some insights to help you make the most of your e-mail marketing. Stay out of the spam folder. The same things that make e-mail valuable to you also make it valuable to spammers. There is a lot of bad e-mail out there, and if your message gets lumped in with the trash, it will mean ruined constituent relationships for you. And you don’t have to sell questionable sexual enhancement products to be labeled a spammer. Even trustworthy organizations can abuse e-mail. Get your recipients to act. One of the most glaring issues for

If you just said to yourself, “the blogo-what?” then “Naked Conversations: How blogs are changing the way businesses talk with customers” by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel (Wiley, $24.95) might be a book you need to read. The title speaks volumes about the authors’ hypothesis: Blogging is an efficient, credible tool that allows companies and customers to interact in an honest, unfiltered—i.e. naked—way. Scoble and Israel back up this contention with more than 50 case studies, starting with a look at how Microsoft used employee blogging to replace its evil empire reputation with a more human face. Sprinkled throughout are tips, advice, lots of background

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