Wayne Townsend

We've all heard the phrase "Big Data" and, as marketers, you may be struggling to incorporate a solution for managing it. But are you trying to solve the right problem? Is big data really what you need, or is it a catchy phrase better used by those who think they need to capture every keystroke for day-to-day business activities? My advice to marketers is this: "Don't try to boil the ocean." Think about the data you need to drive your marketing programs and make yourself relevant and timely

Dallas Stars Select ClickSquared as Cross-Channel Marketing Provider We chose to work with ClickSquared because it offered one of the most advanced cross-channel marketing solutions in the professional sports industry... ClickSquared announced today that the Dallas Stars have selected them as their cross-channel marketing solution partner. ClickSquared’s SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing platform, Click 3G, will enable the Stars to create highly targeted and personalized fan communications as well as execute lifecycle-based marketing programs based on individual fan preferences. The cross-channel programs will help increase fan engagement, build long-term fan loyalty, and drive increased ticket, merchandise and sponsorship

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