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On June 6, 2006, I devoted these pages to the tectonic change in the CBS Evening News. The piece was titled “WOMEN TAKE OVER AT LAST! With Couric and Logan on Board at CBS, Maybe the Evening News Will Come Alive.” With CBS paying Couric $15 million a year and spending $2.9 million for a new set, I had high hopes that she and her electric, articulate chief foreign correspondent, Lara Logan, would bury their tedious male competitors. Alas, a year later the program is moribund, with lower ratings than those garnered by temporary anchor Bob Schieffer. In a fascinating 6,300-word analysis of Couric—including

In sports, athletes who perform at peak ability are often said to be “in the zone.” All else is shut out and their minds and bodies are as one, permitting total concentration. When I read that a British Air flight crew had been sleep-deprived because of the noise in a New Delhi hotel—with the result that they delayed their flight to London—it set the wheels of my mind whirling. For a flight crew to be “in the zone” for a 12-hour journey, it cannot be tired. Yes, giant jets have autopilot, but it could be disastrous if both pilot and co-pilot passed out

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