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Columbus, OH: January 9, 2007 - Training and development firm Working NOW! is teaming with Conference Call University and DM2-DecisionMaker to present an online training session on today’s best practices in database marketing. Preeminent database marketing expert Arthur Middleton Hughes will be the instructor. The program will take place on Tuesday, January 22 from 11:30 AM until 1:00 PM EST (17:30 - 19:00 GMT). Hughes, Founder of The Database Marketing Institute, vice president/ Solutions Architect for KnowledgeBase Marketing and author of seven books on database marketing, will present an educational module entitled How To Outgrow and Outprofit Your Competition: 7 “Musts” For Database Marketing Success.

Cost-Effective, Response-Driving Bells and Whistles for Your Outer Envelope By Paul Barbagallo As part of the pressure to maintain the vigor and allure of long-term direct mail packages under budget constraints, mailers must vet the outer envelope. Don Schoenleber, vice president of sales, new product and business development for Vertis Direct Marketing Services, says in today's rough economic climate, the outer envelope has to do more of its job than ever before. "Say you have a #10 [envelope package], for example. It may be that this particular format can carry your message and deliver a reasonable response rate," Schoenleber says. "But

By Doug Sacks In June 2002, Mexico made public, data protection legislation that was introduced in the Mexican Senate a year earlier. The language of this legislation resembles the Spanish interpretation of the EU Directive on Data Protection, which strictly regulates the use of data. The Mexican legislation was passed by the Senate, but has not been passed by the Congress. In the interim, leading Mexican direct marketing companies have formed a privacy committee within the Mexican DMA (AMMD) that has been actively meeting with industry and government leaders. Its goal is to ensure the legislation will treat all parties fairly. An enactment

By Kate Mason Imagine a typical American golfer. Do you picture an older gentleman playing a pristine, private course, donning plaid pants, while deepening his perpetual, George Hamilton-inspired tan? If so, think again. Who They Are Perhaps surprisingly, the average age of the some 26.4 million U.S. golf enthusiasts is 39 years, and 75 percent of active golfers play on public, not private, courses. "There is a perception that golf has been a game for older, retired men," says Judy Thompson, director of media relations, National Golf Foundation. "But while the typical golfer is male, the average age has been fairly young

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