It's a connection that's been made by mailers I've reviewed over the last year: using less energy saves the consumer money. And, in September, two new "home improvement" offers continued the trend. Home Depot's 5-1/2" x11" self-mailer proclaims "Save Money. Save Energy." on the outer. Inside, the copy notes possible energy savings on new insulation, windows, water heaters and Trane HVAC systems. The prospect is invited to call a toll-free number or go online to schedule a free in-home consultation (Archive code #390-172889-0809).

As with the arrival of any new media or way of doing business, the promise of untold success balances precariously with the fear of venturing into the unknown. That’s certainly the case with mobile marketing, which is developing slowly, but surely. So, the good news is “you’re not behind,” says Shabbir Safdar, chief technology officer, Mindshare Interactive Campaigns, an interactive communications agency with its headquarters in Washington, D.C., and satellite offices around the country. “But,” he adds, “you have to start now. There is no sure recipe for catch-up.” Building your own file of mobile opt-in customers will be invaluable in the future, because the

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