Truman Capote

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

For now, the only author "markup" is the byline. Google got rid of "Authorship," which used to show searchers if a recognized writer penned a piece about the subject for which they sought information. The search engine optimization feature was great for content marketers who wanted to establish authority as thought leaders on certain subjects. Or was it? Search Engine Land's article, "It's Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results," explains a couple reasons Google tossed out the tool.

Jill Goldsmith’s 27-word lead is classic Variety—slightly outrageous and an attention-grabber—and looked too good to miss, especially since we’re considering ditching Comcast for DirecTV. A good headline and lead will get a reader into a story or a memo, e-mail, white paper, book, story, report, blog or letter. The problem most of us have is losing the reader along the way. I’m delighted to welcome an old friend and long-time colleague, Bob Scott, as a guest columnist. Since the 1950s, Bob has been using Robert Gunning’s formula for helping writers make their prose clearer, more coherent and comprehensible. This is a piece you may well want

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