Tricia Robinson

Are your e-mail marketing efforts hampered by high undeliverable rates? If so, you may want to consider running your e-mail file against an E-mail Change of Address (ECOA) service, suggests Tricia Robinson, chief marketing officer for Atlanta-based e-mail communications services provider Accucast. To determine if the benefits of this service outweigh its costs, you need to assess the value of an e-mail address. “What it comes down to is if the value of the e-mail address to the organization is greater than the charge of the ECOA on the address,” notes Robinson. “Depending on the value of what you’re marketing, if … your average

By Brian Howard The e-mail bounce is inherently unpleasant. On its face, it is rejection—a message turned away. It may not be the information you want to receive, but it's information you can and should be using. Even if you outsource your e-mail campaigns, it's important you know how your application service provider (ASP) handles your bounces. "If you're ignoring bounces," says Bill Nussby, CEO of ASP SilverPop, "you're probably applying a 10-percent to 30-percent haircut on any response rate you're liable to get." Think of a bounce as a chance to streamline. Proper handling of bounces should eventually increase your

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