Tony Branda

With mobile devices close to hitting the saturation point for the U.S. population and having become an essential tool in most users' daily lives, the siren call of mobile marketing has become a powerful tug on CMOs' agendas and budgets.

It wasn't too long ago that telemarketers could boast about running profitable campaigns that involved setting up a few phone lines and working their way through the telephone book. Those days are over. As call volume increased, so did consumer backlash. The Direct Marketing Association's Telephone Preference Service ballooned, and a total of eight states have state-wide do-not-call lists on the books. Marketers have fewer records to work with, but now those records are treated as a starting point. Instead of calling blindly, telemarketers are among the most technologically advanced of marketers. Data mining techniques allow them to call those who are

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