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Rio Longacre is a Sales & Marketing Professional with more than 10 years of experience in the direct marketing trenches. He has worked closely with businesses across many different vertical markets, helping them effectively leverage the use of data, personalization technologies and tracking platforms. Longacre is currently employed as a Managing Consultant, Marketing, Sales & Service Consulting at Capgemini Consulting, a premier management consulting firm. He is based in the company's New York City office, which is located in Midtown Manhattan. He has also previously worked as an online media buyer and digital marketing strategist.

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They may want to skim it. They may even give it the once over to look for something of benefit. But read it? Not so much. We live in a world of increasingly shorter and shorter attention spans—140 characters, six-second videos. When I get a stack of mail, I spend about 15 seconds shuffling through what will immediately go into the recycle. When I open my email inbox in the morning, I spend the first 10 seconds clicking all the emails I will immediately delete. We're all starved for time, and B-to-B marketers need to do things differently to grab attention

It's no secret that the mobile channel is exploding in our lives. Unless you've recently been living under a rock, you've undoubtedly come across some jaw-dropping stats on mobile usage. Here's a couple more to chew on. According to a recent article in Mobile Commerce Daily, mobile retail dollars doubled between April and December 2011 alone. That's just eight months! And, reports that approximately 25 percent of Americans access the Web only on their mobile devices. Kowabunga!

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