Todd Simon

When J.J. Simon and B.A. Simon established a local butcher shop in Omaha in 1917, there were no Groupon deals or Facebook retail stores to work into their marketing strategy. How to keep the meat fresh was the technological challenge of that age. Yet in a way, Omaha Steaks has always been a technology pioneer when it comes to keeping fresh the direct sales business. Omaha Steaks first adopted a process for ordering by mail and then was one of the first companies to have a toll-free number in the 1960s for customers to phone in their orders.

Question: How can I improve my company's chances for success in today's multichannel arena? Answers: At Omaha Steaks, we realize that conflict among our various sales channels doesn't really exist. We know that sales go in every different direction. Today, our marketing group acts as an ad agency to serve all of our sales channels. They watch from a high view, that is, they coordinate all promotions across all channels. It's quite a complex task, but it's highly effective. —Todd Simon, senior vice president, Omaha Steaks "In marketing and product development today, it's not about what's next. Rather, it's about what's important

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