Tim Suther

You might have heard of a big event that happened last week in the USA. No, not THAT one. I’m talking about but the presentation of the Direct Marketing Club of New York’s 2018 Silver Apples honors. Here's more about the awards, from the Silver Apple honorees themselves.

Direct marketers have been managing consumer data for decades. But as technology has increased the ways consumers interact with brands, marketers are confronting the prospect of "Big Data"—data sets that have grown so large and complex that they've become increasingly difficult to analyze, but offer greater rewards and competitive advantage for those who do.

This isn't another article about how email is supposedly dead. I think we're all a little tired of that concept, as email is alive and well. Social and mobile didn't kill the email star. And the "next big thing," whatever that might be, won't kill it, either. What I am really referring to is whether we are all witnesses to the end of email marketing evolution. A couple of articles ago, I argued that we needed to re-think how we look at email marketing.

Today's marketing leaders are tasked to deliver better results in tight economic times while consumers have their hands on the information throttle. Considering which customers and prospects to reach out to should go beyond list size, permission, cadence, content and deliverability. It shouldn't be a guessing game.

Optimizing the way you communicate with consumers—media mix optimization (MMO)—will soon rely far less on loosely connected econometric models, and far more on specific target audience identification and measurement of individual-level stimulus and response.

Interactive marketing firm Acxiom has appointed Tim Suther its CMO. Suther replaced Michael Darviche, who left the company to pursue other endeavors, according to Ines Rodriguez-Gutzmer, senior marketing communications and PR consultant for Acxiom.Suther previously served as SVP of Acxiom's global multichannel marketing services business. As CMO, he will be responsible for the company's global product marketing, marketing communications, sales support, strategy and business development activities. “Darviche has been instrumental in developing the company strategy over the past year and a half, and we are thankful for his leadership and contributions,” Rodriguez-Gutzmer said in an e-mailed statement. “Suther's strengths

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