Tim Daugherty

The more things change on Target Marketing's Top 50 Mailers list, the more they stay the same. As I write this, mail volume continues to plummet; the U.S. Postal Service reported a drop just shy of another billion pieces for the third quarter of its 2010 fiscal year. So with increasingly less First-Class and Standard Mail in circulation, what do consumers find in their mailboxes these days?

By Tracy A. Gill Have you ever noticed that things just seem better in pairs? Peanut butter and jelly. Yin and yang. Abbott and Costello. Salt and pepper. Direct mail has had its fair share of partners over the years, but one channel marketers keep pairing it with time and time again—and with great success—is telemarketing. Here's a look at how three direct marketers have matched these two channels to end up with a whole that really is greater than the sum of its parts. Lawrence Ragan Communications Lawrence Ragan Communications is a Chicago-based, B-to-B publisher of

By Abny Santicola In this age of Do-Not-Call there's a clear need to respect the contact wishes of prospects so as not to alienate them. While this can pose some challenges for direct marketers, there are opportunities to foster trusting relationships with prospects when you respect their preferences. Americus, Ga.-based nonprofit Habitat for Humanity International knows this well, taking advantage of an opportunity to communicate with past donors who have indicated--over the phone or by writing in on an appeal or other correspondence--that they would prefer not to be called, via a #10 envelope package that appeared in the Who's Mailing

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